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Information for crops, livestock and a variety of agricultural products

USDA National Ag Statistics


Small farms in Grayson County include a wide diversity of crops and cropping systems.
The following includes information on many traditional crops, as well as high-value
crops especially suited for small farm production and direct marketing.

Resources with Virginia Tech Extension

USDA Plants Database

Agroforestry integrates the production of agricultural products and forestry so as to optimize sustainable land-use. Here you will find information and resources relevant to Grayson forest landowners interested in making the most of their forest lands by combining trees and shrubs with crops and/or livestock.

Christmas Tree Growers

Department of Forestry

Virginia's Forest

Matthews State Forest

Livestock in Grayson County is a large part of the agriculture industry.
Below are some resources for cattle, sheep and goats. If you need information
concerning other species, please contact us!

Sheep and Goats


Webb Soil Survey (WSS) provides soil data and information produced
by the National Cooperative Soil Survey:

How to use the Soil Survey

Your local Extension Agent can give you guidance on soils and
conducting soil tests.

Grayson Extension Office

Virginia Cooperative Extension's Educational Resources on pest
management, pesticide application, soil sampling and more.

New River Soil & Water Conservation District provides programs and
services that focus on water quality improvement and environmental stewardship practices.

Over the past decade in Grayson, agritourism has become an
important niche in the economy. Farmers searching for ways to
diversify their portfolios have added tourism to the mix as a way to
bring in new business and new exposure to the industry. Agritourism now
has several trends going for it: Farm Weddings, Harvest Festivals, Farm school trips
and much more. The growth of the experience, the economy and the popularity of
farm-to-table foods leads to a renewed interest in where food comes from.

Agritourism in Virginia

Grayson County Tourism

Farm Tours

Farm Trail App

Ag & Art Adventure

Refresh your spirit along mountain streams and the highest peaks in
Virginia on the winding roads of Grayson County. The New River
connects the valley from Independence to Galax and provides a
muse for the artisans who draw inspiration from their natural
surroundings. Many musical instruments on which the traditional
ballads are played are crafted from Appalachian spruce; much of the
wood that turners source is from local forests going from “stump to
bowl.” Nature’s bounty provides flowers for lamp shades, clay for
pots, natural dyes for alpaca fiber and inspiration for jewelers and
painters. Visit a stained glass studio or adorn yourself with creations
from master jewelers and fiber artisans who use native and natural elements.

The artisans invite you to visit their home studios to share their
incredible talents.

The Crooked Road

Ag & Art Adventure


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